Episode 31: Before Modern Medicine, These Female Healers Cured What Ailed

In the days before modern medicine, the sick, injured, and expecting often relied on community healers to perform the services of doctors and midwives. Women largely fulfilled these roles. Whether their practices were rooted in scripture, nature, or common sense, there’s no denying their quintessential place in the history of medicine. Have you ever heard…

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Episode 26: This Double-Crossing General Deceived America and Walked Away

After the Revolutionary War, at a pivotal moment when Washington and Spain were fighting for control of North America, one American war hero deflected from honor and signed a secret allegiance with Spain. President Theodore Roosevelt said, “In all our history, there is no more despicable character.” Have you ever heard of James Wilkinson? DOWNLOAD NOW…

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Bonus Episode: A Thanksgiving Ghost Story

For years, on Thanksgiving, one former railroad worker from Pennsylvania told his family a chilling tale. Well, they thought it was a tale—a grandiose and macabre account almost certainly rooted in fiction. Yet, as the story traveled through generations, the family would discover that some ghosts lead to the truth; that some of our darkest…

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