Episode 9: Fifty Years Before the Salem Trials, Colonists Executed This Accused Witch

Although the origin of witchcraft remains unknown, from a colonial perspective it was carried to the New World from England. The colony’s English settlers brought with them a strong belief in Satan’s power and a deep hostility toward those who did not strictly conform to the community’s harsh social and personal norms. While Salem, Massachusetts often…

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Episode 7: If the Bermuda Triangle is a Mystery, the Bridgewater Triangle is an Epic Conundrum of the Unexplained

Just 30 miles south of Boston lies the mysterious “Bridgewater Triangle,” a 200-square mile “vortex” that has been rumored to be both haunted and cursed. Although skeptics shrug off the unexplainable, the bloody and disturbing history of this part of Massachusetts might make you question what’s real and what’s false. Have you ever heard of the…

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Episode 6: Meet the Notorious, Yet Politically Significant, Black and Native American Outlaws Omitted from Old West History

While the ballads of gun-slinging outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid play on, there’s another Old West gang that has been largely forgotten. This group of young boys – black, Native American, or of mixed-race – emerged from the shadows in a politically charged, yet severely flawed, rebellion. Have you ever heard of…

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