Episode 6: Meet the Notorious, Yet Politically Significant, Black and Native American Outlaws Omitted from Old West History

While the ballads of gun-slinging outlaws like Jesse James and Billy the Kid play on, there’s another Old West gang that has been largely forgotten. This group of young boys – black, Native American, or of mixed-race – emerged from the shadows in a politically charged, yet severely flawed, rebellion. Have you ever heard of…

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Episode 3: World War II’s Rumor Clinics Dispelled the Scuttlebutt and Tale Tales

Rumors, like most forms of gossip, are usually rooted in half-truths and outright falsities. Yet, during World War II, these insatiable tidbits of hearsay threatened to undermine civilian morale and even cause unrest within the military community when they nearly spiraled out of control. A network of “morale wardens” tracked down the latest scuttlebutt, and…

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Coming Soon: Historium Unearthia

Freelance journalist and lifelong history sleuth, Crystal Ponti, introduces Historium Unearthia – a podcast celebrating history’s lost and untold stories… the ones overshadowed by the more memorable and talked about events, people, and “things” from our past. But these are no ordinary stories. These are the weird, the macabre, the unbelievable. The stories that make your…

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