Episode 24: Decades Before Lizzie Borden Gained Notoriety, This Woman was Dubbed the “Witch of Staten Island”

On Christmas night in 1843, a horrific crime rattled Staten Island. Within days, suspicion attached itself to one woman. Decades before Lizzie Borden gained notoriety, this young woman was accused of a horrific crime and dubbed the “Witch of Staten Island.” Have you ever heard of Polly Bodine? DOWNLOAD NOW Credit: For this episode, I…

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Episode 17: This Great Warrior Escaped Slavery and Established America’s First Free Black Community

More than a century before the United States was even formed, some African slaves escaped forced servitude and formed the first free black community in the nation. The enclave was founded and led by an extraordinary military commander who has never received proper acknowledgment in history books. He gave the lost hope, the fledgling refuge,…

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